Race Retro at Stoneleigh Park – An amazing selection of Heritage Engineering

One thing this country is renown for is its motorsport engineering legacy. We are at the leading edge of motorsport technology, we also have some of the very best heritage engineering specialists in the world.
One of the major reasons for the association of heritage engineering is to help pass on the skills and experience built-up over decades to future generations.
Race Retro showed the length and breadth of the talents in the UK, from 1920’s Bentleys to highly developed machinery achieving far more than its original designers envisaged.



These beautiful 1920’s racing Bentleys. Still used, still campaigned  and still being mechanically developed. I have a master craftsman ready to do a masterclass on hot and cold riveting of prewar chassis. If you have a skill you’d like to share please do let us know.

Rally cars were always hand-built, even by manufacture teams. We still have some of the very best engineers in the world keeping these mazing machine on the road.




An interesting combination. A one off hillclimb build. I can’t imagine Alec Isigonis ever envisaged Nick Swift getting 140 BHP out of A-Series engine and then some one putting it in the back of a FIAT 500 !

Bespoke engineering and beautifully done.

Do you have a project you would like to share on this website ? Anything Heritage Engineering from Automotive to Steam send it in, we’ll share it and celebrate it.