Collective Mark Regs.


1. Introduction

1.1 Assoc. of Heritage Engineers LTD (“the AOHE”) is an association established to represent, support and promote heritage engineering, education, skill sharing and support to allied trade businesses and suppliers.

1.2 The AOHE is a company limited by guarantee (company registration No. 12411694, England and Wales).

1.3 The AOHE runs a membership scheme and on meeting the prescribed requirements, a Member (as defined in paragraph 2.3 below) of the AOHE is permitted to use the mark – logo comprising a central propellor and 3 parts of wheels (the “Collective Mark”).


AOHE Collective Mark Regulations Page 1 of 5 28/09/20.

1.4 The Collective Mark does not show or indicate any alignment with a national or international standard, guarantee or warranty.

1.5 The AOHE and its member companies operate within the scope of the published Articles of Association.

1.6 These regulations govern the use of the Collective Mark.
2. The persons authorised to use the Collective Marks
2.1 In order to use the Collective Mark, a person must:
2.1.1 meet the criteria set out in these Regulations in paragraph 3 below;
 2.1.2 apply to the AOHE for membership in one of the categories listed in 3.1 below;

2.1.3 once approved for membership, pay an annual subscription fee in the amount as agreed each year by the Board of the AOHE ;

Individual membership. Institutional/Educational.Trade membership are Individual £45.00
21-24 years of age £30.00
12-20 years of age £15.00

Institutional 90.00 Trade 295.00

2.1.4 at all times adhere to the conditions of use set out in paragraph 4 below. AOHE Collective Mark Regulations Page 1 of 3 17/03/20

2.2 The AOHE shall have full and absolute power and authority to refuse any application for membership or withdraw membership from any company. An applicant shall be entitled upon request to a statement of the reasons for the refusal of membership, information regarding the appeal procedure and its rights to appeal the refusal decision, and where appropriate, steps that the applicant must take for membership to be granted.

2.3 The AOHE lists the members (individually “Member”) entitled to use the Collective Mark on its website at http://

AOHE Collective Mark Regulations Page 2 of 5 28/09/20.

3. The requirements for membership of the AOHE

3.1 To be accepted as a Member of the AOHE, the applicant must fall into one of the following categories:

3.1.1 An individual member

3.1.2 Trade Member

3.1.3 Specialist engineering company member

3.1.4 Institutional or Educational member

3.1.5 Apprentice member

3.1.6 Other categories as may be determined and agreed by the managing committee in the future and authorised by the Registrar

3.2 Trade & Specialist engineering company members must supply 2 reference

3.3 All members who are manufacturers or suppliers of goods and services to the industry and undertake design work for third parties shall maintain insurance appropriate to their business including Product Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance cover, or similar cover.

4. Conditions of use of the Collective Mark

4.1 It is a condition of use that the Collective Mark shall not be used without indicating that it is a collective mark;

4.2 The Collective Mark may only be used in connection with the name of the Member (whether an individual, company, firm or a business entity);

4.3 The Collective Mark shall not be used in any Member’s logo or trading name;

4.4 The Collective Mark must always be used in the format prescribed and as issued by the management committee of the AOHE

AOHE Collective Mark Regulations Page 3 of 5 20/09/20.

The AOHE will issue electronic files of the Collective Mark to member companies. 4.6 The Collective Mark shall only be used without modification or adaptation;

4.7 AOHE members who provide notification of their intent to resign from membership of the AOHE shall cease to have the right to use Collective Mark following the date of notification of their intent to resign;

4.8 AOHE members who do not pay or make provision for payment of their subscription fees within 60 days of the date of the invoice shall cease to have the right to use the Collective Mark;

4.9 The Collective Mark shall only be used by the Member to demonstrate that they are a member of the AOHE and that they comply with the rules of the Association;

4.10 The Collective Mark shall not be used in such a way as to imply or suggest that any products or goods comply with national or international standards, guaranteed performance or warranty period.

AOHE Collective Mark Regulations Page 2 of 3 17/03/20

5. Sanctions
5.1 A breach of these Regulations or any misuse of the Collective Mark may result in:

5.1.1 investigation by the management committee of the AOHE in respect of the breach or misuse (the result of any investigation will be notified to the Member in writing within seven working days of the date of any investigation);

5.1.2 permission to use the Collective Mark being suspended for the Member in breach or misuse; and/or

5.1.3 suspension or withdrawal of the company’s membership of the AOHE. 5.2 The AOHE management committee hold the final decision in all cases.

AOHE Collective Mark Regulations Page 4 of 5 20/09/20.

Conditions of membership of the Association of Heritage Engineers (AoHE)

The AoHE is a not for profit limited company established to support those in Heritage Engineering, allied trades and education to facilitate the cascade of skills and knowledge from generation to generation.

Membership of the AoHE is open to all with an interest in Heritage Engineering across the broad spectrum of disciplines that the definition covers.

By joining the AoHE you will undertake to support Heritage Engineering and Mobile Heritage in whatever way you can. This may be offering to teach young people or supporting an event that the AoHE undertakes in support of the industry or those allied to it.

The AoHE is about the passing on of knowledge and skills throughout our industry to not only sustain existing projects and infrastructure but creating a network that will allow our interest to not only survive, but thrive, making our industry a part of the sustainable repair based future economy that will need to develop for future generations.

Membership consists of the following categories: Young people :

Entering our industry and wishing to become a part of the ‘network’ and wanting opportunities to contribute and benefit from establish figures with heritage engineering.

Individuals :

Those already involved with or with a love of heritage engineering that wish to contribute and be a part of the AoHE project

Education / Museums / Allied Societies/ Clubs and Associations:

Those wishing to become involved and benefit from the AoHE network , reduced individual rates are available to members of these organisations who also become members of the AoHE

Heritage engineering allied companies and specialist engineering companies AOHE Collective Mark Regulations Page 5 of 5 20/09/20.