Aston Lark Road to Recovery.

Aston Lark are the exclusive insurance and risk partners of the AoHE. This is information is to help and guide businesses out of the post Covid period.


Helping you on the Road to Recovery

Covid-19 has affected organisations in ways that could not have been anticipated and even now, as
we’re experiencing a relaxation of lockdown, there is still much uncertainty to come.
Stay ahead of your competitors
Its likely that you and your competitors will come out of lockdown at the same time, and it’s clear
that those businesses that are best prepared will hold the advantage. What you do now will be
critically important to the recovery and success of your business.

Have you been asking yourself any of the below questions with the thought of returning to business
as usual:
 What should we say to our staff and how should we say it?
 How do we support our workforce?
 What do we tell our customers and suppliers?
 Will our customers and suppliers need to change?
 Will we need to change?
 How do we recruit and train new staff?
 What do we need to do to return to work?

Aston Lark, official insurance and risk management partner of the Association of Heritage Engineers,
is here to help. We’ve created a Business Recovery toolkit, identifying five key steps to recovery:
 Communication
 Safety
 Financial support
 Returning to work
 Adapting to new situations

Access the Aston Lark Business Recovery toolkit HERE
We’re here to help, no matter how big or small the query. If you require further guidance or
assistance, please call Aston Lark on 01252 377 546 or visit Aston Lark website