The #aohe, in the run up to Coventry MotoFest 2021 and #CoventryCityofCulture2021, are launching the #myengineeringhistoryproject
We consider #heritageengineering in all its iterations to be a British national treasure. Many people have links to engineering through there families over many generations from blacksmiths to war factories , from railways to beam engines.

We would like to encourage everyone who would be interested to take part, ideally one side of A4 documenting your family’s engineering history.

It can go as far back as you can research.
The stories will be compiled as part of the Coventry City of Culture 2021 & Motofest will form a lasting narrative of the huge part that #heritageengineering has played in the development of Britain.

We would especially encourage schools to take part in this project, any contacts you may have to help this happen would be gratefully received. Do please share and lets get it out to as many people as possible.

#heritageengineering needs a particularly strong voice over coming decades and the sheer depth of information this project could generate would be a great start.

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All entries need to be in a digital format and sent to associationofheritageengineers@gmail.com. Preferably PDF, but scanned handwritten sheets as perfectly acceptable.

To make things simple don’t need full names and addresses, just a first name, town or city name and an age ( not compulsory )

Please make it clear if we may use your email for future projects we think may be of interest.