Our aim is to promote the sharing of skills and experience across all of the Heritage engineering world...

Welcome to the Association of Heritage Engineers and thank you for taking the time to visit our webpage.

What is the AoHE and why is it relevant ?


I am a serial engineer, I have loved being involved with all things mechanical for as long as I can remember. Over the years I have been lucky enough to know some fantastic people with a huge wealth of knowledge and experience, when these people sadly left us so did their skills.

It is widely acknowledged that there is a skills gap in heritage engineering, across all of its disciplines. Apprenticeships had fallen out of favour for many years but are now making a resurgence with a new generation of young engineers looking for a real alternative to University.
This is fantastic news for both established businesses and young people.

The main aim of the Association of Heritage Engineers is to get together the generations and start a conversation. When older engineers and craftspeople leave a business there is often no conduit or opportunity for them to share their skills and experiences, that is where the AoHE comes in.

By joining the AoHE you will become part of a community of like minded people. We aim to hold special events all over the country at heritage engineering sites, museums and at businesses. Wearing your AoHE badge means that you are happy to talk and share information. We want to give people who may have retired or work on their own the opportunity to share there skills and experience with others. To inspire the next generation and to promote a real heritage engineering legacy.

I am hoping that engineers and enthusiasts from across the heritage engineering world will take part, from steam to aviation, from cars and motorcycles to industrial heritage museums. You don’t need to have been a professional, but do need to possess a passion for heritage engineering and a willingness to share you knowledge with others

Without such an initiative there is the real possibility that skills and information will be lost, I am determined that is not going to happen and that our vast engineering heritage legacy is to be preserved and promoted to future generations.

Dominic Taylor-Lane
Association Of Heritage Engineers