The Association of Heritage Engineers (AoHE) was founded to promote, support and facilitate the 'cascade' of skills and experience within the world driven heritage to a new generation of young people. This remit has broadened immensely as we collaborate with other engineering, hand and artisan skills organisations including Heritage Crafts, Heritage Skills Academy and QEST


We have broadened the scope of our activity and to move that ambition forward  have created the 'Sustainable Skills Network' . The focus of the SSN to combine the creative forces across all heritage skills sectors. Creating what is in effect, a 'National Trust of Skills'

This about amplifying the message, stressing how important transferable hand skills are and  why they can and will play such an important part of a future sustainable repair based future economy,


Skills can quite literally,  shape futures.

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We have been able to create a thriving heritage network - individual members, Education, Museums, allied trades, specialist engineering companies and of most importantly apprentices.

Our collaborations with like minded initiatives including:

Heritage Crafts Brooklands Museum trust,  The Bugatti trustHeritage Skills Academy,  AA810 Aerospace Careers programme,  Coventry MotoFest, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Shuttleworth Trust,  Bugatti owners club, Hammersmith & Fulham College  


Our trade membership is both growing and expanding, becoming more diverse with an amazing skill range, the broader we can become, the more effective we can become. Not only for skills and training but for inter-business networking opportunities, strengthening heritage engineering allowing us to be at the forefront of what will need to become a sustainable,  repair based future economy.


Our Sustainable Skills Network Ambassadors 

While we work with a number of car based businesses and apprentices this isn't just about motor vehicles its about the connections within the world of Heritage Engineering, Artisan and hand skills. we are working with steam apprentices, beam engines, marine, aviation and specialist engineering business members that include a world leading foundry.


This is a time like never before. Mobile Heritage and the businesses and individuals it supports need to come together to have a common voice at the top table. That is what we are doing through our close links with the Heritage Skills Academy and membership of the Heritage Alliance.


Our advisory board is broad spectrum from aviation, marine and steam to TV, journalism and research. Now is the time to get together to make what we love relevant to a very different future which we need to be able to help steer.


We are not for profit limited company supporting and promoting education, training and skills sharing.


AoHE Founder Dominic Taylor-Lane 


We support, promote and showcase our member companies, specialists and organisations using our amazingly diverse network of supporters.


Our aspiration is to be able to support a number of organisations promoting and providing quality training for young people from all walks of life. One of our aims to to make Heritage Engineering seen as  the national treasure it deserves to be with the protection in numbers that would ultimately provide.


We'd love you to become part of the AoHE and see how we can help each other to address the issues that will inevitably start to affect our community.


#Respectrepair #Repairculture is helping create a more sustainable future for engineering and potentially providing quality job opportunities for young people within that economy.


Dominic Taylor-Lane - Founder
Association Of Heritage Engineers