The Association of Heritage Engineers is a membership organisation open to all those with an interest in Heritage Engineering , it was initially set-up to create a structure to help coordinate the sharing of skills, experience and information which could be lost to the huge skills gap created by apprenticeships having become unfashionable over the last 30 years.  Since then it has expanded and grown to Automotive, aerospace, steam, marine, independent museums and heritage organisations and education.

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We work extremely closely with the Heritage Skills Academy based Bicester Heritage supporting and promoting them at events throughout the year, if you would like more information on what they provide :

We want to create a network for mutual help and support which would allow members, especially the young members whatever their engineering background or age to meet, talk, share and contribute to build and preserve a legacy for future generations.

AoHE aims to help heritage organisations and businesses prosper. We believe our passion must not only survive but thrive,  there are many young bright, enthusiast people wanting to make there careers in heritage engineering. We want to help them fulfil their purposes and demonstrate the relevance and importance of our heritage to everyone, so that it is preserved and inspires all our futures. We want Heritage Engineering to be considered a National Treasure.