AOHE ‘Forward Thinking’ Seminar Hosted by Brooklands.

A great day at AoHE founder members Brooklands museum for the inaugural AoHE ‘Forward Thinking’ seminar. Sponsored by AoHE insurance partner, Howden Classic car Insurance and AoHE founder members the Vintage Sports Car Club.

The morning and afternoon panels were hosted by Paul Cowland. The topics, getting a business, organisation or event to carbon neutral and Future fuels.

Contributors included: Dr Mark Dibben, William Metcalfe, Tania Brown, James Noble, Karl McCartney MP,  Ralph Hosier, VSCC, Bugatti owners club, Federation of Historic Vehicle Clubs, Davis Richardson, John pitchforth and Owain Johns.

The event was well attended and a number of articles in the classic press have used the discussions as a basis for articles.