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Member Businesses

Trade members of the AoHE are considered to be some of the very best in our industry. However if you have any feedback that you would like to contribute we will pass it on.


The Classic Motor Hub – Bibury, Gloucestershire.

Based at the historic site of RAF Bibury in the heart of the Cotswolds, The Classic Motor Hub has something for everyone on our five-acre site dedicated to classic motoring; we’re experts in sales, storage and transport of classic cars, bikes and modern high performance machines



Edward Smith -ES Products & Design Ltd


‘I actively seek out heritage remanufacturing projects as well as entertaining enquiries, working closely with clients to deliver on their requirements, keeping a keen eye on authenticity. Projects range from like-for-like reverse engineering to more complex upgrades. I currently work within the motorsport, motor vehicle and military sectors.

I possess 3D scanning, CAD design, procurement and project management capabilities, gained from a strong practical and managerial background in the British motorsport sector. I now predominantly use these skills to remanufacture items for the classic vehicle sector, currently embracing motorsport, motor vehicle and aircraft, or whatever you care to discuss. Talk to me about a requirement and I’ll deliver a solution in one compact and efficient service.’


Heritage Cars Harrogate


Heritage Cars Harrogate,  specialize in the maintenance and full restoration of classic cars. Founded in 2017 with a vast number of years’ experience under their belts, they have since grown within North Yorkshire. Services also include a “sell on your behalf” service, where we restore your pride and joy and then sell it on for you should you wish to. For more information simply get in touch. They also buy vehicles to restore and maintain before selling to the general public. If you are interested in buying a classic car then click below to see what is in the garage or coming soon…


Fuzz Townsend’s Classic oils


Classic Oils was established in 2002, and since then has matured into a company offering a complete range of lubricants, coolants, fuel treatments  and other consumables for all classic, veteran and vintage vehicles, including motorcycles, steam vehicles and earlier diesel engines.

In 2010 we opened a retail shop in Aylesbury, which enabled – for the first time – our wide range of products to be accessed and purchased without an appointment.  We added e-commerce to this website in 2011, which enabled online purchasing for the first time.

During the summer of 2015, we opened premises at Bicester Heritage, an ex-RAF site which is now a centre of excellence for classic motoring and aviation. We launched our own label range with ‘Heritage 20w50’ to celebrate our presence at Bicester, and were appointed Penrite’s Master Distributor for UK and Ireland in December 2016.  In February 2017, the business moved solely to Bicester Heritage allowing us to concentrate our stocks and expertise in a single location.

In 2018, the company acquired fuel additive manufacturer Tetraboost, and announced a strategic partnership with Car SOS‘s Fuzz Townshend, which included rebranding the company to incorporate his name and image into the logo.


Car SOS (TV) Hosted by Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw




Marc Brunel Recruitment


Specialist Vintage Motoring Recruitment Consultancy dedicated to providing our clients with an invaluable service that contributes to the companies success.