Nuffield Run




As a celebration of ,and thanks to, the frontline staff of the #NHS during the #COVID-19 crisis of 2020. #TheAssociationofHeritageEngineers are proposing to launch and annual classic vehicle run event to be called the ‘Nuffield Run’
To be run by all those individuals and clubs that may want to take part to celebrate the work of the NHS during the crisis.

I propose that it be held on the Sunday closest to the loss of Lord Nuffield on the 22nd of August.
So potentially August 23rd 2020 if restrictions allow
If not then it will be August 22nd 2021 and every year there after

William Richard Morris 1st Viscount Nuffield is not only rightfully acknowledged as one of Britain’s greatest industrialists and the founder of MG cars but was Britain’s greatest ever philanthropists and gave away over £30m of his fortune, equivalent to £700m in today’s money. Much of it to education and medical research.

He also In December 1938 offered to give a ‘Both Respirator’ – ventilator made in his factory to any hospital in Britain and the Empire that requested one; over 1,700 were distributed.

We ask owners and clubs to invite and include NHS staff and their families to the events as guests or passengers, with any potential donation monies raised going to local or national medical charities.

Please share this post to clubs, organisations and individuals that might what to take part