No trip to the Collection is complete without a visit to the Engineering Workshop. Engineers and volunteers working to restore the Collection’s aircraft and to keep them in an airworthy condition. The main part of the building was built for Richard Shuttleworth to repair and restore his own collection. Today the skilled engineers and volunteers use a range of traditional skills and innovative solutions to keep these aircraft capable of flying, some of which were built over 100 years ago!


Not simply a repair and maintenance shop, engineering is the heart of The Collection where the aircraft come to be lovingly maintained, restored or repaired in airworthy condition by theengineering team. Changes in materials and legislation over the years are just some of the challenges that have to be overcome so that these aircraft don’t become simply static exhibits but can continue to be seen flying.

Training for the Future

Shuttleworth’s commitment to its role as an educational trust means that senior engineers pass on well-honed skills to the next generation of young engineers, with apprentices taken on through an organised scheme to secure the future of this type of specialist work.