Brooklands Museum – The stunning array of historic aircraft and the amazing ‘Aircraft Factory’

Inside the Bellman Hangar an ‘Aircraft Factory’ environment has been created, harking back to the Hangar’s original use as a manufacturing building. Exhibitions explore the history of aircraft manufacture – from the pioneering early aircraft of wood and fabric, to the supersonic airliner and the technologies of the future.

The Factory Floor is designed to evoke an authentic factory atmosphere and is packed full of activities, enabling visitors to try out aircraft-building skills for themselves, drawing on the Brooklands spirit of experimentation and creating an unique learning experience. The centrepiece of the exhibition is the Loch Ness Wellington with additional areas focussing on the factory floor in early and later years, life for the factory employees away from work, and displays on the development of Wings, Fuselages and Propulsion.

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The joys of the VSCC Pomeroy Trophy – from a £500 Volvo to a very valuable Alfa Romeo 8C

There is perhaps no other event that captures the imagination and ethos of the VSCC than the legendary ‘Pomeroy Trophy’, a unique event in which the speed, agility and braking ability of Pre-war and Post-war machines are pitted against each other.

The concept was first mooted by John Rowley in 1947, but because of petrol rationing it did not actually take place until 22 March 1952. It was won by Peter Binns in a Vauxhall 30/98. Although not Laurence Pomeroy’s idea, it was his formula to calculate the efficiency of GP car engines that was used as the basis for the calculations and he presented the Trophy. An interesting aside is that until the event could take place, the Trophy was awarded for ‘Outstanding Service to the Club’ and was first won by Cecil ‘Sam’ Clutton in 1948.

The ‘Pom’, as it is affectionately known in VSCC circles, is a truly unique event within the motorsport world. Over the course of the day, Competitors will take part in handling, acceleration and braking tests, followed by a High Speed Regularity Time Trial, not forgetting a test to make sure their car can carry two ‘standard’ VSCC size suitcases!

In addition to the circuit based tests, all cars are required to be road legal (although there is no planned Filter Point for Competitors to pass through en route to the circuit this year) and can be either driven or trailered to the event, with those Competitors choosing to use a trailer receiving a penalty to maintain and encourage the long-standing traditions of the ‘Pom’. The car which wins the ‘Pom’ is always a true all-rounder driven by a great driver, so why not join us and see how you and your favourite car fair? (copy from VSCC website)




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Allan Winn of Brooklands Museum becomes our latest Honorary Vice President

The Association Of heritage Engineers (AoHE) Is extremely proud to announce that Allan Winn,
Vice-President and former CEO / Director of Brooklands Museum has become an honorary Vice
President of the Association of Heritage Engineers.
He joined Brooklands Museum in 1989 as their Director. He is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical
Society, and a Liveryman of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators and of the Worshipful
Company of Coachmakers. A lifelong vintage car enthusiast, he actively drives a 1929 3-litre
Bentley and is a former committee member of the Vintage Sports Car Club, having served in that
capacity for 17 years. He is also an Honorary Member and past Chairman of the Aviation Club of
the UK. is a passionate enthusiast
He joins fellow HVP’s : Paul & Andy Wood ( P&A Woods ), Rodger Dudding (studio 434) , Ian Wylie
(Priory Vintage Car Company & The Tank Museum), Sir Greg Knight MP, and Jane Weitzmann
( JHW Classics )
The Association of Heritage Engineers has its first stand at the Practical Classics NEC Restoration
show. Stand 5-775. Its theme will be Past-Present-Future and will include a member’s MGA twin-
cam that belonged to his father and is now used to help promote Alzheimers awareness. We will
also have the Heritage Skills Academy on the stand to advise on courses and careers for
apprentices as well as information on their short courses.

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The Classic Motor Hub at former RAF Bibury become members of the AoHE

The Classic Motor Hub has become one of the most popular event hosts in the south east. Having attended their inaugural event it has been great to see the venue and the businesses located there thrive.
The CMH are primarily a highly respected classic vehicle sales specialist but if you have been, you will know its a bit special.
Owner Martin Chisholm is well aware that we need to train and inspire the next generation.

We need to inspire a new generation to aspire to own and maintain the wonderful machines.

Thanks to the Classic Motor Hub for joining the Association of Heritage Engineers.

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The Lucas AutoCentre High Wycombe Joins the AoHE


The Lucas Auto Centre High Wycombe caters for all makes and models of vehicles. The owners particular passion however is Rovers. Richard also has another string to his bow, he teaches students at the Heritage Skills Academy based at Bicester Heritage. Richard is what I would describe as proper ‘Old School’.

If you want a passion for classics, vast experience and are based in the area he can be found at :

Lucas Autocentre, Brook Street, High Wycombe, Bucks HP11 2EQ

Tel: 01494 524430

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The Bugatti Trust join the AOHE


Thanks to the Bugatti Trust for joining the Association of Heritage Engineers .

The Bugatti Trust do a huge amount or work to promote engineering in all its forms and to further the Legacy of the Bugatti family. The size of the archive is both amazing and comprehensive the trust hold many thousands of original factory drawings as well as display cars, cut away engines and other inventions created by the Bugatti’s.  A particular favourite are the Patent drawings for the many innovations.

It is fantastic that such an iconic engineering name has joined the Association of Heritage Engineers . This will allow us to combine our efforts in promotoing heritage engineering, education, training and careers.

If you visit Prescott do please take the chance to go to this amazing facility.

Opening time details can be found at


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We welcome one of the car world’s most popular engineers at the Heritage Skills Academy

In additional news we were really please to have welcomed one of the car worlds most popular engineers at the Heritage Skills Academy during the opening 2019 Bicester Heritage SCRAMBLE!

Edd and I talked about the training offered for young people at the HSA and his passion for electric vehicles. He assured me that he will be back on our screens were he belongs very soon.

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2 New Honorary VP’s

Sir Greg Knight MP, He is Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicles Group, a groups which has recent been extremely influential in raising apprentice training funding and brought the group to look at the Heritage Skills Academy at Bicester Heritage. He is a keen classic car owner and musician. We are extremely pleased to have Sir Greg involved.

Sir Greg Knight MP

Jane Weitzmann I have know Jane for a number of years through the Sporting Bears Charity. All of her cars earn their living through her company JHW Classics. Jane has a collection of around 40 cars including a Jaguar XJ220, Lamborgini Miura and a super rare Toyota 2000GT. She is extremely generous in using most of the collection for Sporting Bears and many of her cars can be seen at events throughout the year.Thank you for getting involved Jane.

Jane Weitzmann
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