The AoHE launches the ‘Summers End Frolics’ An end of season Excuse to get your vehicle out

The AoHE have today launched with the fantastic support of Practical Classics Magazine The ‘Summer’s End Frolic’. With the great success of the FBHVC’s ‘Drive-it day’ it is aimed to close the season with an excuse to get your vehicles out there.

Scheduled for the 22nd of September, we will compile the events and venues as they are made know to us.

We hope it will be a rallying cry for vehicle clubs and heritage engineering venues who use the opportunity to encourage runs and gathering to the benefit of all involved with heritage engineering.

Please do let us know what you are doing and where, please also consider joining the AoHE , allowing us to create move events and support heritage engineering, which in moving forward will need to be able to help determine rather than just follow government policy.

We especially ask that you get young people involved in these events, at venues and as passengers or drivers, they are the future and without them our hobby is unsustainable.

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The first stand fo the AoHE at the NEC Restoration Show 2019

Our guest really doors on Friday morning – Lady Just mcAlpine

A huge thank you to the Practical classics NEC Restoration show and Andrea Seed for letting us have a stand in such an amazing position. Thanks also to James Davis for bringing his amazing MGA Twin-Cam and for being such an enthusiastic support over all 4 of the days. The floor was loaned from Jimmy DeVille and KlikFlor . The fabulous motorbikes provided by Peter Gower and his father.

Drew ‘Salvage Hunters’ Pritchard




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Retro EV join as our first EV member company.

DELIVERING THE WORLD’S FINEST COLLECTIBLE EVs We are a team of technologists and gear-heads that love to dream, build, and drive inspiring, sustainable automotive artwork. We are passionate about the beauty expressed through timeless automotive designs, and fueled by the emotions which these iconic masterpieces evoke. We are obsessed with engineering excellence into everything we do. We created Retro-EV to connect the world’s automotive heritage with the future of mobility, keep classic car aficionados on the road, and to engage a vast new audience in a zero-emissions world. We do this by fusing true classics with modern technology so they can be savored by the eyes and reveled in through the senses. This disruptive approach respects our precious global environment, while preserving the true, classic driving experience for generations to come. Retro-EV: Combining the best elements of actual classics with the best elements of modern EVs without compromising either…we have embraced this challenge!



Luhtaanmäentie 21, Vantaa, Southern Finland 01750, FI

Retro EV

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Race Retro at Stoneleigh Park – An amazing selection of Heritage Engineering

One thing this country is renown for is its motorsport engineering legacy. We are at the leading edge of motorsport technology, we also have some of the very best heritage engineering specialists in the world.
One of the major reasons for the association of heritage engineering is to help pass on the skills and experience built-up over decades to future generations.
Race Retro showed the length and breadth of the talents in the UK, from 1920’s Bentleys to highly developed machinery achieving far more than its original designers envisaged.



These beautiful 1920’s racing Bentleys. Still used, still campaigned  and still being mechanically developed. I have a master craftsman ready to do a masterclass on hot and cold riveting of prewar chassis. If you have a skill you’d like to share please do let us know.

Rally cars were always hand-built, even by manufacture teams. We still have some of the very best engineers in the world keeping these mazing machine on the road.




An interesting combination. A one off hillclimb build. I can’t imagine Alec Isigonis ever envisaged Nick Swift getting 140 BHP out of A-Series engine and then some one putting it in the back of a FIAT 500 !

Bespoke engineering and beautifully done.

Do you have a project you would like to share on this website ? Anything Heritage Engineering from Automotive to Steam send it in, we’ll share it and celebrate it.


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The AoHE has its very first stand at the Practical Classics NEC restoration show


If you are coming along to the NEC Restoration show 2019 do pop along to the AoHE on stand 5-775

We are hosting James Davies’ MGA Twin-Cam, it belonged to his father who sadly had Alzheimers, James found, and brought back his father car. For the full story come and have a look.

We are also featuring the father and son motorbikes of the Boy’s Gower, One 1965, one 1982, both a bit special.

Also we are being joined by the Heritage Skills Academy, some may know that my son is an apprentice on their course, I can’t endorse it highly enough. If you know someone who wants to do a heritage engineering apprenticeship, or are a company looking to employ one. Please come along and chat to the HSA team. You will be most welcome.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the organisers for the opportunity to promote our Past-Present- Future theme.

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The London Classic Car Show

This was the first time I had attended the show at Excel. I have to admit that its a bit of a mission to get to the event even from Oxfordshire.
It was well attended yesterday (Sunday) with some great chat on the live stage with amongst others Quentin Wilson and Stuart Turner.
Edd China was curating a fantastic Aero-Engined car display with live displays from a fabulous Delage.
The Heritage Skills Academy were sharing a beautifully constructed stand with Clement & Bogis, King Dick tools and KW Heritage.

The ‘Grand Avenue’ offer a literally moving experience with some fabulous cars

It was great to meet with fellow members of the AoHE and discuss what and how we can promote and protect Heritage Engineering , next stop Race-Retro.


Ex- Wayne Carini ‘Twinny-Mini’

Cars and bus from the Italian Job

A rather nice Ford Mustang

Mercedes 300 SL

HVP Jane Weiztmann’s Miura S being  Tunned “Live’ during the show.


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No trip to the Collection is complete without a visit to the Engineering Workshop. Engineers and volunteers working to restore the Collection’s aircraft and to keep them in an airworthy condition. The main part of the building was built for Richard Shuttleworth to repair and restore his own collection. Today the skilled engineers and volunteers use a range of traditional skills and innovative solutions to keep these aircraft capable of flying, some of which were built over 100 years ago!


Not simply a repair and maintenance shop, engineering is the heart of The Collection where the aircraft come to be lovingly maintained, restored or repaired in airworthy condition by theengineering team. Changes in materials and legislation over the years are just some of the challenges that have to be overcome so that these aircraft don’t become simply static exhibits but can continue to be seen flying.

Training for the Future

Shuttleworth’s commitment to its role as an educational trust means that senior engineers pass on well-honed skills to the next generation of young engineers, with apprentices taken on through an organised scheme to secure the future of this type of specialist work.

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