HEaT – Heritage Engineering as Therapy

This year in particular has focused the need to maintain and support our mental health as well as the physical as the current situation develops and all of our lives are restricted and disrupted.

The AoHE is looking for partners and supporters to bring together the huge and simply amazing resource that our interest possesses.

We are looking for examples of people, businesses, clubs and organisations that have stories to tell about how our interest has helped people, members and society so we can show a broader public just how important and worthwhile heritage engineering is. We will look at the stories, projects and people and aim to share the very best with as broadly as possible.

Heritage Engineering is at a crossroads and we need to make very sure that society is aware of just how important we are to the future.

We will be inviting a number of people, clubs, organisations and members involved in the HEaT project as a part of Coventry Motofest and  the AoHE’s Festival of Engineering .

If you are interested in being involved, and I sincerely hope you are, do please drop me a message on our social media accounts or at  associationofheritageengineers@gmail.com

Dominic Taylor-Lane

Founder AoHE