AoHE launches training framework for Businesses and craftspeople

The Association of Heritage engineers are launching their own accredited training framework to allow small specialists , craftspeople and specialist heritage sites the opportunity to not only share their skills and experience but to make it a part of business income in the post covid-19 environment.

Working with the heritage movement they are asking those interested to fill in an ‘Expression of interest form’ that can be downloaded from the AoHE website, you will then be supplied with course criteria and the fee structure.


The framework will allow anyone who can meet the course criteria the opportunity to offer an AoHE accredited qualification that will be verified externally in association with the Heritage Skills Academy.

The AoHE hopes that this approach will enable both heritage engineering and artisan crafts people, in some cases working with heritage sites and venues the opportunity to share interact and inspire those attending the courses, skilled people can create their own bespoke courses, which could be a single specialist subject such as carburettors, or could be wider ranging intensive course perhaps introducing people as a foundation to a wider range of heritage skills. We anticipate courses would be one day master classes or intensive weeklong classes.


 As a student they hope it will inspire and possibly lead on to full-time apprentices and higher education courses offered by others.